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May 2012

Mole and Gopher Control

We are professional Mole And Gopher Exterminators.

There are lots of thiungs to learn about exterminating moles and gophers just like any pest animal. Without the knowlege and equipment, the task is a tough one. Fortunately we have been doing this for over a decade, and have all the buggs worked out.

Moles are insectivores, and stay pretty much under ground to stay safe from predators. They push the sodd up in your lawn while looking for grubbs and worms. Normally you notice this when you run over the trails with a lawn mower.

Gophers are also under ground pests, but they eat vegetation. This means the flowers, vegetables, and even grass are not safe. They dont realy leave trails, but leave piles of dirt when they come to the surface to eat. Then they fill in the holes behind them.

We proudly service the entire state of Wisconsin with Mole and Gopher removal

Adams, Arkdale, Big Flats, Big Spring, Brooks, Brookside, Dellwood, Easton, Friendship, Grand Marsh, Monroe Center, New Rome, Plainville, Strongs Prairie, White Creek, Cottonville,

Alban, Almond, Amherst, Amherst Junction, Arnott, Arnott, Bancroft, Blaine, Casimir, Coddington, Custer, Ellis, Fancher, Garfield, Jordan, Junction City, Keene, Kellner, Little Waupon, Meehan, Mill Creek Community, Nelsonville, New Hope, North Star, Park Ridge, Peru, Plover, Polonia, Rocky Run, Rosholt, Stevens Point, Stockton, Torun, West Almond, West Bancroft, Whiting,

Arpin, Auburndale, Babcock, Bakerville, Bethel, Biron, Blenker, Cranmoor, Dexterville, Eight Corners, Hewitt, Lake Wazeecha, Lindsey, Marshfield, Milladore, Nasonville, Nekoosa, Nekoosa Junction, Pittsville, Port Edwards, Rudolph, Sherry, Veedum, Vesper, Wisconsin Rapids