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May 2012

Gopher Control

Gopher Control

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Controling moles and gophers  in Wisconsin can be challenging for a home owner. Fortunately, our highly trained staff have the tools and know how to professionally remove them.


Trapping moles and gophers first of all takes the correct equipment , basic knowledge of the animals habitat, and a working knowledge in the field as a trapper .  A mole in Gopher trapper must think outside the box to outsmart even the hardest to catch animals .


Moles and gophers are two totally different animals but both are very destructive to your landscape and lawn. Moles do not eat flowers , or grass , as they are insectivores.  They leave trails of sod pushed up in your lawnas they search for worms and Grubbs .  From time to time they will surface , and leave a pile of dirt because they fill it back up .  Mole traps , poisons , and gases are all designed for lethal  mole control .


Gophers are herbivore’s, meaning they eat vegetation . that means your your vegetables are not safe, and tand they also dig in your lawn.Signs that you have a Gopher  will show up as piles of dirt freshly dug in your yard.the grass near the pile of dirt will be shorter because the Gopher has trimmed it for you.  All Gopher traps poisons and gases are intended for lethal control of gophers .


Areas we service in Wisconsin include,


Wisconsin Rapids, Port Edwards,  Nekoosa,  Rome, Plover, Marshfield , Neillsville ,  Pittsville, Stevens point ,Wausau , and many others!call and speak to a field operator today to see if we can get ridget rid of your moles or gophers . 715 –459 — 7412

Adams, Arkdale, Big Flats, Big Spring, Brooks, Brookside, Dellwood, Easton, Friendship, Grand Marsh, Monroe Center, New Rome, Plainville, Strongs Prairie, White Creek, Cottonville,

Alban, Almond, Amherst, Amherst Junction, Arnott, Arnott, Bancroft, Blaine, Casimir, Coddington, Custer, Ellis, Fancher, Garfield, Jordan, Junction City, Keene, Kellner, Little Waupon, Meehan, Mill Creek Community, Nelsonville, New Hope, North Star, Park Ridge, Peru, Plover, Polonia, Rocky Run, Rosholt, Stevens Point, Stockton, Torun, West Almond, West Bancroft, Whiting,

Arpin, Auburndale, Babcock, Bakerville, Bethel, Biron, Blenker, Cranmoor, Dexterville, Eight Corners, Hewitt, Lake Wazeecha, Lindsey, Marshfield, Milladore, Nasonville, Nekoosa, Nekoosa Junction, Pittsville, Port Edwards, Rudolph, Sherry, Veedum, Vesper, Wisconsin Rapids